Alright guys have another shot of thestarktorialist!


Favorite shots from Anime Revolution by froggiesandstrawberries!

Mary Read: the Starktorialist
Edward Kenway (Mayan Armor): Incogneato Cosplay
Anne Bonny: eidolon
Rhona Dinsmore: lilrenaldcosplay
Charles Vane: Geoff 

Dr Girlfriend WIP! 

Just need to style the wig, make the pillbox cap, and steal Doc Hammer’s voice

Dr Girlfriend WIP!

Just need to style the wig, make the pillbox cap, and steal Doc Hammer’s voice


Comme des Garcons Spring 2005 X Prada Spring 2008

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spent the evening sweat shopping and this cos is finally coming together! Dr Girlfriend will happen this weekend yaaaasssss

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thespaniard187 asked : Just wanted to say you are very beautiful and your work is amazing! I can't wait to see your future work! ^_^

Thank youuuu sir ;u; this means a lot! I hope to not disappoint!

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demigodsdestroy asked : What's your name?


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1. Post a picture of your first and current cosplay.
2. Say who they are and why you picked them. Explain cosplay now, what you learned from it, and what you love about it, and some advice for new cosplayers. 

Takasugi Shinsuke from Gintama wasn’t my first cosplay, but it was the first one I made!  Say hello to my full on cross dressing animu days, ha. I love charismatic antagonists/anti-heroes and I went through my Gintama phase……… A
t that time Shinsuke was some god-like hella attractive creature to me so….yeah cosplay happened.

I remember his yukata on ebay was like $150-$200?? I was like “oh hell no, this ain’t gonna work… I’m gonna have to make it” 
I was taking my sewing classes in grade 9 so I had very noobish sewing/patterning skills. Luckily, I found a yukata tutorial on dA and did my own thing from there.
I’m still very proud of this cosplay to this day! I remember staying up to 3 am painting on the butterflies, and fray-checking the gold accents on the hem of the yukata /screams It’s still in my closet somewhere, maybe I’ll remake it one day!

My most recent cosplay is Arno Dorian, but it still needs improvement. So it’s going to be  Mary Read instead from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag! UGGHHH THIS BADASS-PIRATE-CROSS-DRESSING-CAN-PISS-STANDING-UP WOMAN has engraved her sheer awesomeness into my soul. This costume was also the first time I learned how to hand embroider things, beading, re-creating/customizing a printed fabric, scar makeup and worbla??? basically a lot of shit went into this costume and I’m fucking proud of it. 

Cosplay has taught me a lot of things such as the handicrafts and a decent human being in general. Things I love about this hobby is the amount of friends I get to make, das important. 
But throughout the years, I’ve seen/been involved with the shift from “making friends and geeking out” to “who makes the better (insert character)” and it’s an upsetting and embarrassing thought. 
For me (and I’m sure for a lot of you guys out there), cosplay is a hobby where I am able to utilize my creative skills as an artist in my area of expertise, and constantly learning from others at that! But y’know, I guess everyone has their own reason to cosplay, but at the end of the day it’s about your own happiness gained from this hobby (But it really shouldn’t be a beauty pageant)

New cosplayers: Don’t compare yourself with others! Set yourself to your own proper standards and work towards it. Make friends, remember to have fun, it is not a beauty pageant, and we’re all just geeks dressing up as fictional characters!

and one last time to engrave to your brains: IT IS NOT A BEAUTY PAGEANT!!!


Sorry I’ve been neglecting tumblr. Con season is over so now it’s time to start the major cosplays in 2015! I have one surprise cos lined up but still finding the time to debut it. 

Con schedule is up in the air right now, and I do want to travel outside of Seattle… But for now, local cons are a go! 

AC ROGUE ANYONE??!?!? I’m in love with Shay’s full on leather templar robes and it’s taking every inch of my soul to resist myself from making it. I’m taking a break from complicated AC cosplays, but I’ll fix up Arno and start on Elise after ACU’s release yeeeee!!

Also super excited to start on Borderlands! Started on Moxxi already even though I lack the serious boobage, but Ren, Fizz and Miles will be starting on Tiny Tina, Gaige and Maya!!! Also super hyped for Telltales mainly cause I conned  convinced Tyler to be the Rhys to my Fiona /hue 

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Four new images of the ever amazing Starktorialist and her Mary Read cosplay. I have one more image that I’m trying to work out, however if i can’t get it to work I apologize! I hope you guys enjoy!

Awesome shots from Connor! It was a pleasure working with him! :D

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