struggle is too real

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Girls, romanticize yourselves. You are a queen. You are a warrior. You are an enchantress. You are a mermaid. You are a goddess. You are all of these things and more, you are the stuff of fairytales. 

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i should just not date until i’m like 30 bc dem boys are taking a lot longer to mature nowadays and same goes for their facial hair

plus 30 y/os are like the new puberty magic- and who knows maybe i’ll find a sugar daddy sooner and that’s totally fine as long as he’s hella foine 

I need a truckload of cinnamon rolls and then I’ll be ok

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Took waaaaay too many selfies and now I can’t stop- 

Somewhat styled my Elise wig! It’s a bit short but I have an extra set of wefts coming in sometime next week. I plan to add a bit more length and a wee bit more volume to this.

I’m so excited to cosplay Elise (she’ll be my first Templar cosplay! Sorry Haytham, you’ll have to wait) Won’t be starting her costume until I get my proper in-game references. But my goal is to have her done for FanExpo Vancouver! 

I don’t understand the drama that needs to be started over someone else cosplaying the same character?? Like okay, we get it, you really like the character. But hey! guess what? YOU DON’T OWN THE CHARACTER! OTHER PEOPLE CAN COSPLAY IT TOO!  OTHER PEOPLE CAN LIKE THE SAME CHARACTER AS YOU! and you have no right to stop them from doing so! 

and plot twist: if you’re getting jealous over someone else cosplaying the same characters as you, chances are you don’t really love the character and/or you prefer the public attention gained from cosplaying them instead. You legitimately fear the fact that they’ll “steal” the spotlight from you and that’s not a healthy mindset. Get off your god damn high horse because that’s not what cosplay’s about. 

I see this happen to my friends and myself in the past and it irritates me to no end. When I see another person cosplaying the same character as I do, I fangirl with them, tell them about my feels and honestly? make friends.

But if they decide to be a two-faced shit talking son of a bitch / give the straight up stink eye and cold shoulder? please refer to the “plot twist” statement.

TLDR People can cosplay the same things and still be friends. 

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group cos-plays are great, KID cos-plays are so darn cute!

share your outfit! #rccc2014

Oh hey it’s Ren and I as Cap and Bucky!

someone shoot me in the balls i can’t stop listening to anaconda 

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Emerald City Comic Con is confirmed !! *u*

I miss you Cheesecake Factory

barlightsprettygirls said: YOU WENT THERE EVERY DAY OF PAX


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Emerald City Comic Con is confirmed !! *u*

I miss you Cheesecake Factory

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Hello interwebs! My name is Sara. I'm a 19 year old fashion student living in Vancouver. Even though my life is revolved around cosplay, I'm also a diehard menswear fanatic, and I aspire to work in its industry someday.

Oh yeah, I like inked men with beards. The supermodel kind. I'm shallow like that.